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Why should I care?

Every year, Americans spend $1.5 billion in medical bills because of indoor air pollution. IAQ problems also cost U.S. businesses tens of billions of dollars in productivity losses. OSHA issued a proposal to establish the first enforceable nationwide regulations for air quality in offices. OSHA's plan would cost building owners at least $8.1 billion - but would increase business productivity by an estimated $15 billion per year. However, there are currently no enforceable rules for indoor air quality, and the real estate and chemical industries are resisting efforts by OSHA and some members of Congress to regulate it. But this hasn't stopped the litany of lawsuits against building owners. In 1993, 19 EPA employees sued the landlord of the building where their offices are located, arguing that chemical emissions from the new carpet and furniture were causing them health problems. In October of that same year, the first five claims went to trial and a jury awarded the plaintiffs $1 million collectively. In 2000 over $64 million has been awarded in IAQ litigation. While consumer knowledge continues to grow, so does litigation. These situations make it important that you also become informed of the possibility of these issues taking place in your structure. Imagine how much time, effort, and most importantly MONEY could have been saved by developing a proactive approach to IAQ issues.

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