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What causes poor IAQ?

Many things can contribute to poor indoor air, and you might be surprised how common many of them are. Here are some of the biggest offenders:
Poor ventilation is generally caused by dirt-clogged or improperly designed HVAC systems.
Moisture Damage is one of the leading causes of fungal contaminant within a structure. All moisture issues should be addressed immediately to prevent IAQ hazards.
Mold, dustmites, and other microorganisms love humid air and standing water.
Furnishings, carpeting, paneling particleboard, glue and upholstery can emit formaldehyde or other volatile organic compounds - (VOC's).
Dust, pollen, and automobile exhaust can be drawn in through the ventilation system.
Charcoal grills and kerosene heaters emit carbon monoxide. Wood and coal-burning stoves release nitrogen dioxide and soot. Some gas-burning appliances emit both carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.
Office machines such as laser printers, copiers, and some fax machines are a source of ammonia, VOC's, and ozone emmisions.
Cleansers, paints and pesticides release VOC's and other contaminants. Some solvents, paint strippers, air fresheners, and wood preservatives also release VOC's and other contaminants.

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